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UM has partnered with the finest local products to bring you your local favorites, all under one roof. Don’t see your favorite, let us know!


Haus of Reed– Haus of Reed is a local custom furniture company, completing projects varying from tables to sinks, bars and counters. The talented team works with a combination of materials such as solid wood, metal, glass, upholstery and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). Their impressive and unique works are featured all over the area, both in private homes and in commercial and retail establishments.


Phone: 775-691-3615

Gino The Soup Man– This amazing local company began in the home kitchen of Gino and Juli Scala in 2008. With the help of many local businesses, Gino’s soups became a local favorite and led to the couple opening Great Full Garden’s Café and Eatery. Gino and Juli are committed to making healthy, great tasting soups with innovative recipes and a lot of love.


Phone: 775-391-0189

Old World Coffee– Old World Coffee Lab, located at 104 California Ave in Reno, is a specialty coffee shop and roastery. The coffee shop prides themselves on sourcing high quality coffees, grown and processed to ensure quality and preserve that quality through their roasting process. The shop delivers different brew methods, hand brewed coffee and other coffee centered beverages. Their locally roasted blends are also available for purchase. Urban Market has sourced their equipment from Old World Coffee Lab, as well as collaborating with Old World to teach and train their baristas.


Phone: Northwest Reno- 775.787.8586
Phone: Damonte Ranch- 775.853.6844

DoughBoys Donuts– Doughboy Donuts is family owned and operated. The Kenny family has been baking donuts since 1980, starting in Hollywood, CA. In 2009, Jay Kenny moved to Reno, brought the family recipes with him and opened DoughBoys Donuts. Their skilled bakers work all day and night to bake delicious and fresh donuts and pastries.


Phone: 775-329-0800

Rounds Bakery– Rounds Bakery is the place to go for New York style bagels. They also serve up fresh and house made cream cheeses. Rounds Bakery is Reno’s only local provider of the delectably buttery and flaky croissant-doughnut pastry, fondly referred to in our community as the #NotACronut. Customers can also find freshly made doughnuts, and other like pastries.


Phone: 775-322-0773

House of Bread– House of Bread has been a Reno staple for 13 years, baking bread “the ways Grandma made it.” Their fresh breads are made by hand, free of preservatives and sweetened with honey instead of sugar. House of Bread guarantees their unique and healthy flavors in all of their offerings, from breads to the lunch menu.


Phone: 775-826-2628

Nothing To It!– Cooking School began in 1995 at the request of friends eager to improve their skills in the kitchen. Since then, the school has grown from classes around the owner’s kitchen table to the present 6,000 square foot Culinary Center. Nothing To It! Culinary Center includes a cooking school with hands-on and demonstration classes taught by a variety of Master Chefs, a Napa Valley style gourmet deli, and a kitchen store with a wide variety of ingredients, appliances and accessories for people who love to cook.



Phone: 775-440-1295

Winey Munkies Ice Cream– Winey Munkies is an artisan wine ice cream and wine sorbet company located in Reno, Nevada. The company seeks to modernize the frozen dessert industry with innovative and progressive ice cream and sorbet products that redefine the industry. Winey Munkies is creating and delivering value for niche market who enjoy drinking wine and eating ice cream or sorbet. The motivation behind their product line comes from the founders’ love for wine and enjoyment of ice cream, so why not combine two favorite things to make wine ice cream! As a new and emerging startup company, Winey Munkies is motivated to provide value by offering a high quality and unique dessert, wine ice cream, wine sorbet, and wine floats.



Arepaes– This local Renoite is serving up his passion, one arepaes at a time! Arepas are flatbreads made from ground maize or flour. They are prominent in Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine, where they are served with various pairings, such as cheese, avocado, or topped with a steak. Different size, corn families, and added ingredients are often manipulated, depending on the region, to create new varieties. They are often confused with central american pupusas or Mexican sopes, though they are quite different in taste. Try them with your favorite salsa, with butter or honey; stuff them with chicken, carne asada, or at breakfast with eggs and chorizo. You may also choose to try them in a car, in a tree, in a boat, with a goat, in the rain, on a train, or just plain…



Corse Maple Farm– The Corse Family has worked their farm since 1868. They have annual Maple Syrup production records posted in the sugarhouse dating back to 1918. Currently, Corse Maple Farm is owned and operated by Roy and Vanessa Corse, long time family friends of our UM owners.


Phone: 775.827.2777


icecycle creamery– Local Reno company, icecycle creamery, started in 2014. The owners have been making unique flavors of ice cream and sorbet for years, before starting their company. The use fresh, minimal ingredients and create mind blowing flavors like Earl Grey, Maple Bacon and Chocolate Salted Lavender to just name a few.



Mindful Cupcakes-Ten years ago, local Reno owner set out to create a healthy snack, that eliminated discomforts due to dietary intolerances and promoted healthy lifestyles. Mindful Cupcakes is a delicious and healthy way of eating for everyone. Free of Gluten, Refined Sugar, Grains, Dairy, and Soy, this is a delicious product everyone can enjoy.  

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