Attend Our Seasonal Events, Or Host Your Own!

We participate in local events and lend our space to artists to showcase their work. Plus, we hold our own seasonal events! From beer, wine and local food tastings to meet-ups and networking nights, Urban Market is an excellent location for community events.

Beer and Wine Tastings – Join us for seasonal beer and wine tasting to celebrate and enjoy local beers as well as our favorite craft selections.

Meet-ups and Networking – Need a place to Urban Market is the perfect spot to host your next networking meet up. Whether you’re expecting 4 or 40, we are happy to accommodate.

Pop ups and more – We like doing business with other businesses that are doing cool things here. If you have an idea for a product launch party, an art show or a pop-up event, give us a call and let’s see how we can partner up!


Find Your Community At Urban Market

Every neighborhood needs a corner store they can count on, and the center of the city is no exception. We built Urban Market for you to take and make your own. It is all yours for shopping, lounging, working, suggesting new essentials and connecting with others who live and work downtown.

Want to host your event at Urban Market? Contact UM to reserve your date!



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